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Low Co2 Repro Pellets

At Arqlite, we specialize in creating resin blends using clean, post-industrial, recycled plastics. Our blends are designed specifically for injection molding and extrusion processes and are formulated to contribute to a more sustainable operation while significantly reducing costs. By choosing our Low CO2 Repro Pellets, you can enjoy a high-quality and eco-friendly material that not only meets but exceeds your sustainability goals.

High Efficiency

. 0.215kg CO2 Eq per Kg
. Perfect with PP products
. Consistent properties
. Customizable at no charge
. 30-40% cost reduction
. Limited tailored colors

High Quality

At Arqlite, we take pride in creating innovative solutions for a sustainable future. Our Composite Homogenized Repro Pellets are a prime example of how we’re taking the concept of a circular economy to the next level. By turning previously unrecyclable plastics into a composite homogenized pellet, we’re able to provide a versatile and consistent material. Not only is it an environmentally friendly solution, but it’s also a cost-effective alternative to standard resins.

Low Carbon

With a Global Warming Potential of only 0.215kg CO2 Eq per 1kG of synthetic resin, we’re leading the way in the fight against plastic waste while reducing our carbon footprint. At Arqlite, we believe that sustainability should be accessible to everyone, which is why our innovative technology and products are designed to be both eco-friendly and cost-effective.

GWP Kg CO2 Eq per 1 kg of synthetic resin
Made in the USA with zero logistics risks
Made from single-use recycled plastics

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can the HRP be compounded

Yes. Our HRP can be mixed with other resins or be used at 100% pure.

Does it come in different colors?

The natural color is green and we offer a limited number of personalized colors.

How is pricing compared to other resins?

Prices vary according to the volume of each order but it averages $0.33/lb, FOB Santa Ana, CA

Arqlite SPC | | All products are developed and manufactured at 2111 S Anne St, Santa Ana, CA 92704