High efficiency gravel

La Leca plástica Arqlite no solo es un producto eco-friendly ya que está hecha 100% a partir de residuos plásticos que de otra manera hubieran terminado en un basural, un relleno sanitario, una planta incineradora o un curso de agua, contaminando el ambiente por cientos de años.
También es un producto innovador, de gran interés para proyectos de paisajismo e ingeniería civil, ya que reemplaza al canto rodado o la piedra partida, aportando mayor eficiencia y una reducción de costos.
66% más liviana

Easy handling, less transport costs, it produces a lighter concrete within a building reduces the size of the structural support required to carry the dead weight leading to significant reductions in costs and materials. 

10X aislación

Arqlite's greater thermal and acoustic resistance result in energy conservation and more comfortable spaces by reducing heating and cooling needs that represent 60% of the total energy consumption in modern buildings.

Tamaño controlado

Because of its controlled shape and size, the use Arqlite rocks makes it possible to define coefficients as optimal amounts and drainage capacity, making the product a great candidate for  slabs, pre-cast and pavement base.

Menores costos

Arqlite rocks have a competitive price compared to quarry rock and LECA and its use in the concrete mix provides lighter structures, reducing the requirements for structural base and thus reducing costs.

Normas LEED

To receive LEED certification, building projects satisfy prerequisites and earn points to achieve different levels of certification. The use of Arqlite scores points on categories 4 and 5 for being recycled and locally produced.

Ahorro de agua

In order to calculate the quantity of water that aggregate will either add or subtract to the paste, absorption capacity, effective absorption, and surface moisture must be calculated. Arqlite does not absorb water.

Estable al calor

Plastic's low thermal conductivity, reduce its reaction to extreme temperature variations and thus the possibility of fracturing or altering the concrete mix by thaw.


Its high molecular strength while being synthesised from compounds of low molecular weight generate a material of high wear resistance to acids, alkaline and solvents.

¿Como se usa la Leca Arqlite?.


Base y sub-base