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Smart Gravel Filler

Discover Arqlite, the revolutionary synthetic aggregate that is lightweight, dust-free, and eco-friendly. With a fluidity akin to water and strength comparable to gravel, Arqlite is the perfect solution for sustainable construction.

High Efficiency

. 10X Insulation
. 66% Lighter
. Controlled Size
. LEED Scoring
. Water savings
. Time savings

Low Carbon

Arqlite Smart Gravel is produced under high-standard manufacturing systems, resulting in a very low carbon footprint. This sounds great, but it gets better when you also consider Avoided Carbon for plastics being diverted from landfills.

Safety first

Our products are manufactured using a proprietary technology that assures great results on every batch. Plastics coming mainly from the packaging industry are upcycled into a highly efficient product, always tested for innocuity and performance.

Installation times savings
Weight reduction vs. Mineral gravel
Less CO2 compared to virgin plastics


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of Arqlite Smart Gravel tm?

Arqlite Smart Gravel tm can replace mineral gravel and lightweight aggregates in a variety of ways. It is 3x lighter than mineral gravel, 10x better for thermal and acoustic insulation, and long-lasting.

Is Arqlite Smart Gravel tm safe for gardening and drainage?

Arqlite is completely safe and does not harm the health of your soil and plants. Check out our videos here to see gardeners and landscapers using our Smart Gravel tm.

Does Arqlite really use only recycled material?

It is true! 100% of the material used for Arqlite Smart Gravel tm is made from discarded plastics. We condition and treat each piece to create our product.